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  • 1″, 8.9 MP
  • CMOS, Mono
  • Global, 13 fps
  • GigE

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MVGL-AC410-013GGM  : 8.9 MP 1″ CMOS GigE Area Scan Camera

MVGL-AC410-013GGM camera adopts Sony® IMX267 sensor to
provide high-quality image. It uses GigE interface to transmit noncompressed images in real time with max. frame rate reaching 13 fps
in full resolution.

Key Feature

  • Adopts GigE interface and max. transmission distance of 100
    meters without relay.
  • Supports auto and manual adjustment for exposure control,
    LUT, Gamma correction, etc.
  • Up to 128 MB local memory for burst transmission.
  • Supports hardware trigger, software trigger, etc.
  • Compatible with GigE Vision V2.0 Protocol, GenlCam Standard,
    and third-party software based on the protocol and standard.

Available Model

  • MVGL-AC410-013GGM

Applicable Industry

Electronic semiconductor, factory automation, food and beverage, medical packaging, etc.

The MVGL-AC410-013GGM golden label series is specially designed product appearances and packages for those big customer companies so as to enhance the general look of the product. In the production process, it also improve the manufacturing standard to keep the quality consistency before shipment. A higher level of purification standard means the dust diameter allowance is smaller so the overall image quality of the camera will be guaranteed; in addition, various electrical experiments can also guarantee the camera battery life and the image stability, so customers can feel more confident and reliable. Each model of the GL series will provide an overall 1288 -tested report, and customers can also choose a paid service as an alternative item. In addition, Hikrobot will output a 1288 test report for each camera so we will also have better business support in order delivery and product customization.



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