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  • 1″ ,  20 MP
  • CMOS, Mono
  • 5472 × 3648
  • Rolling, 5.9 fps
  • GigE

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CS Series Area Scan Camera

HIKROBOT released the 2nd generation of CS Series with technological breakthroughs from products appearance design, R&D to production management, which gives an upgraded experience to all end users.

New update, new functions

       The new second-generation CS series industrial cameras are equipped with excellent image sensors, high dynamic range, good signal-to-noise ratio, excellent image quality, excellent power consumption design, compatible with machine vision standard protocols and GenlCam standards, and seamlessly connect with third-party software.


With GigE interface, MV-CS200-10GM camera adopts Sony®IMX183 sensor to provide high-quality images and transmit images in real time, and its max. frame rate can reach 5.9 fps in full resolution.

Key Feature

  • Supports auto or manual adjustment of gain, exposuretime, white balance, LUT, Gamma correction, etc.
  • Supports multiple ISP functions like CCM to provide highquality images.
  • Compact design with mounting holes on panels for flexible mounting from 4 sides.
  • Adopts GigE interface and max. transmission distance of 100 meters without relay.
  • Compatible with GigE Vision V2.0 Protocol, GenlCam Standard, and third-party software based on the protocol and standard.

Available Model

Applicable Industry

  • SMT/ PCB AOI, consumer electronics,
    electrical semiconductor, etc.

Evolved performance, various scenarios adaptable

       New-generation appearance structure, four-sided installation support, wider voltage access, wider temperature width, better adapt to complex visual application scenarios.

Upgraded imaging, built-in algorithms

       The camera has built-in a variety of complex algorithms and functions, such as lossless compression, 2D noise reduction, lens shading correction, CCM, etc., which can improve the camera image quality in all directions, while ensuring the camera has a higher frame rate and more excellent quality.


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