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  • 29.9×22.4 mm , 65 MP
  • CMOS, Mono
  • Global, 31.5 fps
  • CoaXPress

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Sensor Size

29.9 mm × 22.4 mm

Sensor Type








Frame rate


MV-CH650-90XM : 65 MP CMOS CoaXPress Area Scan Camera

MV-CH650-90XM camera adopts Gpixel GMAX3265 sensor and CoaXPress interface to provide high-quality and non-compressed
images in real time. Its max. frame rate reaches up to 31.5 fps in full resolution.

Key Feature

  • Resolution of 9216 × 7000, and pixel size of 3.2 µm ×
    3.2 µm.
  • Adopts global shutter CMOS to provide high dynamic
    range, SNR, and high-quality image.
  • Adopts CoaXPress interface to transmit data.
  • Supports Off, Once, and Continuous exposure mode.
  • Compatible with CoaXPress Protocol, GenlCam
    Standard, and third-party software based on the
    protocol and standard.

Applicable Industry

  • Electronic semiconductor, factory automation,
  • liquor and beverage, medicine packing, etc.

The MV-CH650-90XM is the high-end products designed for high-precision application development in FPD inspection, 3C, electronic semiconductor, new energy and other industries, can meets the needs of high resolution and high frame rate. With our close cooperation with top domestic and foreign sensor manufacturers, the products now support multiple data interfaces of GigE, USB 3.0, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, CameraLink, CoaXPress. Meanwhile, our devotion accumulated over the years in R & D process and strict quality control also give the series a domestic first – class competitive advantage in high – end applications. Camera adopts GMAX3265 sensor and provides high-quality image. It uses CoaKPress interface to transmit non-compressed images in real time.



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